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Common problems best covered in private training

Reactivity or aggression

Separation anxiety

Guarding behaviour

Fearful behaviour

Ongoing housetraining issues

Severe destructive behaviours

Phobia of storms/fireworks

Fear of grooming / veterinary procedures

Issues with other household pets

To book your dog in for a private session please contact us for a list of available times. You can reach us at [email protected] or 0473 404 378

How To Book


Not sure if group or private training would be the best choice for you and your dog? Contact us to discuss your situation and what you'd like to achieve with your dog, and we can help you decide.

Group or private training?


Let's Get Started - Intake Consultation

First time training with us? We'll organise an Intake Consultation to determine the best training plan for your and your dog

Consultation Cost

Intake Consultations cost $175.00. Additional fees may apply for travel time exceeding half an hour from our office. Please contact us for an exact quote.

Training programs are priced at $225 per hour. Discounts are available for bundles of multiple sessions; we will provide an exact quote after your intake consultation.

Payment plans may be available for those experiencing financial hardship.

Got a puppy under 16 weeks? Check out our "Set Up For Success" consultations.


Private Consultations

Beacon Dog Training offers individual sessions for behavioural issues or for owners who would like extra assistance with their obedience training in their own home.

Trainers generally categorise problems as either Obedience issues or Behavioural issues. Obedience problems require the dog to learn a skill – such as sitting on command. Behavioural issues are more complex, and are caused by an emotional state – such as a fearful dog barking at other dogs to keep them away.

Private Training is necessary for problems that may have an emotional component, as by their nature they require a tailored, individual approach.



A one hour session where we get to know you and your dog, set some goals together, and get started designing a training program.



We will present you with various training program options, and help you choose the one that best suits your needs, budget & schedule.



Training programs can include both coaching, where we train you to work with your dog, and day training, where we work directly with your dog.



Phone and email support for the rest of your dog's life. You can get in touch with any questions or concerns, even years after we see you.

Standard consultation hours are between 10:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Thursday. After hours consultations are also available, though these incur a $50.00 fee.

Ready to get started?


Example Training Programs

Here are some example of Training Programs designed for common issues, to help you know what to expect

LUNA - 9 Month Old Labrador - Loose Lead Walking

Luna pulls very strongly on leash when out on a walk. Luna's mum would like to train her to walk nicely on leash.


3 x 1 hr Coaching Sessions

Total Program Cost: $675.00

MAX - 1.5 Year Old Border Collie - Human Aggression

Max growls and barks at strangers when they enter the house. He nips at visitor's ankles when they move too fast


6 x 1 hr Coaching Sessions

Total Program Cost: $1,282.5‬0

(including 5% discount for over 8 sessions)

At your intake consultation we will discuss whether coaching or day training is best suited to your situation. Generally, Coaching (where we train you) is the less expensive option, but requires you to dedicate more time to your dog's training than Day Training (where we train your dog directly).