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Our dog Clay the Siberian Husky

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About Us

Beacon Dog Training is a premium dog training service that offers group classes and private consultations on the Gold Coast, Australia.

We are passionate about educating owners on canine behaviour, and use modern reward based techniques in all our training. We believe that training should be enjoyable and easy to understand for dogs and people alike.

We do not use any techniques involving fear, intimidation, or pain, and believe in the value of looking at the bigger picture of a dog’s physical and mental health.

Dog Trainer Maddie & Clay the Siberian Husky

Maddie Ross - Head Trainer & Owner

Maddie is the professional trainer behind Beacon Dog Training and well known online training channel That Dog Geek. She is a qualified CPDT-KA, an internationally recognised certification for top tier trainers from around the world. There are only around 20 CPDT-KAs in Australia, and Maddie is the only trainer with this level of qualification on the Gold Coast.

That Dog Geek’s videos on training and behaviour have been watched by millions of dog owners worldwide, and focus on making the latest scientific training methods accessible to the general public by presenting them in easy to understand, enjoyable videos.

Maddie entered the world of dog training when one of her dogs, Toby, developed aggression issues at 12 months of age. The journey to rehabilitate Toby ignited her passion for dog training, and she first started as a professional trainer in the hope that she could help others in similar situations.

Maddie is committed to ongoing education and regularly attends conferences, seminars and workshops to ensure the methods taught at Beacon are up to date with the latest research.

Sam Wright - Trainer

As well as nearly a decade of experience as a professional dog trainer, Sam runs her own pet photography studio, Tails Photography, where her excellent knowledge of body language and behaviour allows her to take exquisite photos that showcase the dogs' unique personalities.

She is particularly passionate about setting puppies up for behavioural wellness, and helping them grow into well-adjusted and happy dogs.

Dog Trainer Tom & Clay the Siberian Husky

Tom Ross - Owner

Tom is Maddie’s husband and co-owner of Beacon Dog Training. He is currently studying to become a dog trainer and assists with running Beacon’s group classes.

As a T12 Paraplegic confined to a wheelchair, Tom understands that not every individual is able to train the same way, and together he and Maddie have developed ways for differently abled owners to work with their dogs.