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What training methods do you use?
Our training techniques are based on the principles of animal cognition science, with an emphasis on communication and understanding. Our focus is on teaching dogs what we would like them to do, and rewarding them for doing it. This style of training, often called Positive Reinforcement Training, has been universally endorsed by the worldwide behavioural scientific community at large as the most effective, long-lasting, humane and safest method in dog training.

Our goal when working with you and your dog will be for you to work together as a team. Your dog will receive the things they need to lead a happy and healthy life – food, exercise, play, freedom, affection and mental enrichment – and you’ll receive the things you need to live harmoniously with your dog – a dog who listens when you need them too, who behaves appropriately without being asked, and shows good manners in all situations. Rather than pitting you and your dog against one another, training with our techniques will be a win-win situation for you both.

This style of training is enjoyable and easy to understand and apply for dogs and people alike.

We do not use any techniques involving fear, intimidation, or pain, and believe in the value of looking at the bigger picture of a dog’s physical and mental health.


How do I register for a group class?
You can enrol by clicking on the " ENROL NOW" tab, and clicking on the class you would like to enrol in. ‍‍


Can I observe a class before I decide to enrol my dog?
You are most welcome to come along and observe one of our classes without your dog. We are very proud of the quality of our service and would love the opportunity to show you what we do here at Beacon Dog Training. Observing a class is a fantastic way to see our methods in action, so that you can make an informed decision when choosing a trainer.

Please CONTACT US to arrange a time if you would like to observe a class.

All visitors are required to adhere to our GROUND RULES.


Can my child be the main trainer for the dog in class?
We welcome children in class and encourage them to participate in your dog’s training, however for safety and insurance purposes, your dog’s leash must held by someone 18 years of age or older at all times. This doesn’t mean that your child can’t do the majority of your dog’s training; for 95% of the exercises in class it isn’t necessary for the trainer to be holding the leash.

Please refer to our GROUND RULES for more information on bringing children to class.


How many people can come to class with the dog?
You are welcome to bring as many friends and family members as you like to class. If there are people who can’t make it to class, all of our courses include detailed homework sheets.


Can my two dogs both attend the same class?
Yes, you are welcome to enrol multiple dogs in the same class, so long as there is a dedicated handler 18 years of age or older for each dog. Dogs from the same family must follow all of our GROUND RULES as if they didn’t know each other, including the rule regarding no contact between dogs. This means that the two dogs are not allowed to play together on the grounds and must sit separately in class. If your dogs are highly bonded and will become stressed and distracted due to being separated, it may be a good idea to enrol them in separate classes to get the most out of your course.

If you have two young puppies who are similar in age or from the same litter, we recommend enrolling them in separate classes to help build up their confidence, and prevent over-attachment or littermate syndrome.  


What is the maximum number of dogs in a class?
Our classes are restricted to 8 dogs to ensure that everyone gets individual attention from our instructors.  


What happens if I miss a week’s lesson?
All of our courses include detailed homework sheets, so that you can keep up with the class if you miss a lesson for any reason. We also offer catch up classes whenever possible, where you can sit in on the lesson you missed without your dog. This allows you to see the exercises in person, and ask questions about the week’s content.


Got a question about our methods, what to expect, kids in class, multiple dogs, or something else? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


We will send out an email with the details for your specific class after you enrol. In the meantime, you can find general information here.


Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our clients - both human and canine! Read our safety policies and ground rules here.


We offer a variety of payment methods for your convenience. Payment can be made when you enrol, or at a later date.