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FREE Puppy Play & Socialisation Sessions
For Puppies Under 8 Months

These free off leash sessions are designed to help your puppy build their confidence and social skills.

Beacon Socialisation Sessions are separated by size and monitored carefully to ensure every puppy has a safe and enjoyable experience.

If it's your first time at play group you must watch our ORIENTATION LESSON video, available on youtube, before attending.

You can enrol by clicking the button below to be taken to a list of our scheduled, upcoming classes, then scrolling down to the bottom to select the play group session of your choice.

How To Enrol


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Who Is Eligible?

Each human over 18 years of age who wishes to attend the Socialisation Sessions must first complete our ORIENTATION LESSON; this includes friends or family members who would like to come along and watch, if they would like to enter the enclosure. Anyone who would like to watch from outside the enclosure doesn’t need to attend the orientation, but does have to adhere to our safety policies.

All dogs must be human and dog friendly, and be up to date on their vaccinations. Because we are very strict about ensuring every dog on our grounds is healthy and fully vaccinated, puppies can start attending our play group after just one vaccination.

More Than Just A Play Group

As well as interacting with the other dogs, your puppy will be carefully socialised to many experiences and sounds that commonly cause issues with older dogs. These include swimming, walking on different surfaces, thunder, vacuum cleaners, rubbish bins, walking aids, skateboards, bikes and more.

You will learn how to read your puppy's body language, guided by our behavioural trainers. We'll teach you how to support shy puppies, how to rein in the enthusiasm of puppies who play too roughly, and help you raise a dog who is confident and relaxed around other dogs.


The Puppy Socialisation Session is open to any puppy under 16 weeks old, regardless of whether they are a client of Beacon Dog Training or not.


The Adolescent Socialisation Session is open to any puppy between 16 weeks and 8 months, who is a paying client of Beacon Dog Training.

Are Children Able To Attend?

Children Under 7 years
Children under seven years of age are not permitted to enter the play enclosure, but are welcome to come along and watch from outside the fence. There must be a second adult over 18 years of age dedicated to their supervision, in addition to the adult handling the puppy.

Children 7 – 13 years
Children aged between 7 and 13 years of age are welcome to enter the play enclosure during the PUPPY Play Group, but must follow all our ground rules including not touching other clients' dogs. Children aged between 7 and 13 years are NOT permitted to enter the play enclosure during the ADOLESCENT Play Group, but are welcome to come along and watch from outside the fence. A second supervising adult is not required for kids in this age range, but we do recommend one if you believe your child will struggle to follow all of our ground rules on their own.

Children 13 years+
Children 13 years and older are welcome to attend both the Puppy and Adolescent Play Groups, and do not require a second supervising adult, but there must be at least one handler over 18 years of age present. Please note that it is the responsibility of the child’s guardian/s to ensure they adhere to our safety policies, including the rule about not approaching other clients’ dogs.

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