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Madeleine Ross, CPDT-KA, November 8 2018

Avoiding Puppy Destruction: Confinement Training

Why is setting up a puppy proof area for your young dog important? Because leaving a puppy or adolescent unattended all day with full access to your house or yard is like leaving a human toddler unattended in a toy store for the whole day – there’s gonna be a mess!

Puppies are inquisitive and full of energy, and left with no boundaries it’s perfectly natural for them to explore the environment and get up to shenanigans that we humans would rather they didn’t – like chewing up the couch cushions or digging up the garden.

Step one of preparing to bring home a new puppy should be to set up a safe, fun, puppy proof area. This area, called a “long term confinement zone” should have the following:

Your long term confinement zone could be a room like a laundry, bathroom, or garage, or you can create one using play pens, baby gates etc.

As well as helping to avoid any property damage and keep your puppy safe, confinement training is crucial for ensuring that your puppy is getting enough rest. Most puppies don’t self-manage their sleep very well, especially if they’re left in a highly distracting environment like a front yard. Proper sleep is critical for a puppy’s growing brain, and when they don’t get enough it can lead to an increased risk of behavioural problems resulting from chronic stress.

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Madeleine Ross, CPDT-KA


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